An interactive work that explored the relationship between motion graphics and spatial experiences; inspired by the work of James Turrell’s – Roden Crater. Boundless is a light-sound staggered space shaped by images, light, sound and body movements in which viewers could break the limitation of space perception through this sensory experience.

I was responsible for writing the program, installing the sensors, and designing the interactive relationship between the motion graphics and the viewers.

Viewers could enter the virtual space formed by the visual graphics and a light beam, and touch the abstract line of the light, thus experiencing the change of projections and sounds.

Interactive Projection Space Design 

Medium: Madmapper, Max, Arduino, After Effects, green laser pen, projector, ultrasonic module, light absorbable fabric, beats headphones, KT board

Size: 292cm x 226cm x 158cm

Time: 2018 // Group Project: As the team leader, I helped set the direction of the work. I was responsible for writing the program and installing the sensors.

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