Fractal Typeface

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This generative typeface draws inspiration from the vitality of spring. The typeface design embodies the spirit of the season through the use of fractal patterns, resulting in letterforms that visually represent the beauty of nature and code.

1 months
(May 2023)
Solo Project 
My Role
Ideation, Interaction Design, Programming, Visual Design

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Project Introduction

The arrival of spring has sparked my imagination, particularly the sight of fresh leaves and flower buds emerging from nature's branches. I envisioned creating a letterform that embodies the essence of spring - a symbol of life, renewal, and growth. The resulting design is a unique, growable typeface that captures the dynamic, fractal patterns found in nature.

Technical Description
The generative typeface design was created by incorporating the fundamental programming principles of fractal trees from "The Nature of Code" book into typeface vectors. By integrating the color palette and organic branching patterns, the unique letterform came to life through multiple iterations and trial-and-error experimentation.

How will people engage?
People type a letter or a word into the text box, unique letterforms will be generated on the screen based on user’s input.

The first draft of sketch of Fractal Typeface


Challenge 1:
Incorporating static fractal pattern into typeface

Challenge 2:
Creating animated fractal pattern


Final Design


What I learned through this project?
The process of representing the beauty of spring involves taking many risks and making numerous trial-and-error attempts. However, the most difficult aspect of this process is finding a way to incorporate the mathematical and logical principles of fractal patterns into the creation of typeface vectors. It requires a deep understanding of the underlying concepts and the ability to translate them into a visually pleasing design that accurately captures the essence of spring.


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