Our Sky Project explores the intersection of languages, cultures, time and space.

I asked my friends living in different corners of the world to send me a picture of the sky, along with a voice message related to the sky. Within a month, I collected pictures of the sky from 18 countries and regions. I joined pieces of the sky into a new sky, printed on silk scarfs. The name of each friend, as well as location and date of each photo were printed on the scarfs. Besides, I put all the sentences and pictures of the sky into a poetic film, creating a multi-lingual poem. This work spans time and space, even though we live in different parts of the world, we remember each of our friends when we look up to the amazing blue sky.

Our Sky Project 
Multi-media Design/ Video Installation 

OUR SKY PROJECT displayed at the 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts - China 2019 Experimental Art - Top 10% of 800 entries, the most authoritative exhibition in Chinese art circle

Medium: Multimedia 
Space Size:  450cm x 500cm x 320mm
Time: 2017-2019

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