“Soundrop” is a poetic interactive painting of rain that reflects the viewer through splendid colors. We focused on "rain" and "meditation". Through using machine learning (PoseNet) and Webcam, we captured the viewer’s position. When the viewer stands in front of the painting, each white raindrop will turn into rainbow colors as soon as it passes through the viewer’s body outline. The speed of the rain and the volume of the sound can also be changed according to the body movement. We want people to experience the rain in a new way through colors, sound, and our self-written audio poems.

Live web: https://soundrop-itp.glitch.me/ (Please enable your web camera, and move around your hands or your head)
Soundrop 雨声 
Interactive Media

Medium: Creative coding/ P5.js/ Machine Learning

Time: 2020 // collaborated with Junoh Yu

Video documentation: 

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