Twindividual Manifesto

Inspired by my unique life experience as an identical twin, I create my degree project “Twindividual Manifesto”, exploring the wonderful co-twin relationship. Twins are connected to each other with deep empathy for each other while starkly independent as individuals. The work conveys the relationship between individuality and commonality of twins in the form of a declaration, which presents people with a new perspective on the independent individuality of twins. How do society and culture challenge the notion of individuality of twins? How do twins view each other? A conversation about twins thus begins.

3 months
(Feb-May 2019)
Solo Project
(BFA Degree Project)

My Role
Ideation, Print Design
Digital + Print

Process - Interview
In order to understand the inner world of the twins, I interviewed five pairs of twins. We discussed the social topic of co-twin relationship.

Twindividual Manifesto
I created the Twindividual Manifesto in the form of books and videos. It conveys my thoughts to the public and explores the relationship between bonding and independence in “twinship”.

Twindividual Documentations
I designed five booklets documenting the conversations between each pair of twins, these booklets present interesting diaglogues about “twindividuality” in social and cultural contexts.

Interview Videos
Documentation Booklets

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